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“Instances,” A New 2016 Series

In January, 2016 I started a new series, “Instances.” My goal is to create a body of work based on fleeting moments, glimpses of experiences. The initial project was to complete 20 encaustic images, 18″x18″ on 22″x30 Fabriano Artistico. This was accomplished at the end of May.

After my 3rd piece in the series, I wrote an artist statement, to keep on track.

Instances Series                                            1-20-16

Instances, the first works of 2016 are based on using essential visual language to reveal visceral reactions to daily encounters.

Encounters may selectively hit a nerve, or work in combination to provoke a response: verbal, physical, emotional, or intellectual instances translated to visual mass, velocity, color and texture. They may be those we choose, or moments that happen to us.

 “These pieces are color and texture explosions-energy captured in containers of rectilinear form.”

  “I’m intentionally not trying for the perfect calligraphic mark. Instead, blunt, ungracious blasts of paint off rough bristle brushes move over the surface on their own trajectories, for their own purposes.”

These reductive, primal expressions represent the essence of what is left from an encounter once the knowable is stripped away. By removing recognizable elements, what remains are responsive, experiential marks. The enigmatic feeling of an encounter made visual.

The images are in sequence by season/month for the first part of the year, starting with the winter images at the bottom. You will see the color palette change from cool wintry colors, to warmer spring colors. (Click on images for titles, and slide show.) 10 of the 20 images are shown here.

FAC Artist Spotlight: Lisa Sisley-Blinn

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Foundry Art Centre Administrative Coordinator Jillian Schoettle. We talked about my current and past work, choice of mediums that support the work, my background and approach to teaching. Read it all here:


Her fluidity between series and projects allows for her to approach pieces again as new concepts emerge.


Article & Photographs by Jillian Schoettle. Thank you Jillian!

Selected for Linda Womack’s 3rd Edition of Embracing Encaustic

I am thrilled to be included in Linda Womack’s 3rd edition book, Embracing Encaustic. Thank you Linda!

Embracing Encaustic

Read about it on Linda Womack’s sites:

  • Embracing Encaustic:

    “Choosing the artists for the new edition of Embracing Encaustic was challenging job, but in the end I selected 70+ pieces from over 150 artists who submitted work.”

  • Linda Womack Blog:

    “Great news! I’ve decided to reissue my book, Embracing Encaustic: Learning to Paint with Beeswax, as an electronic book (eBook) for the third edition.  This will allow me to create a more comprehensive and less expensive book that will be available for immediate download by artists all over the world. It will be available through and readable on Kindle readers, iPads and other devices with Kindle software.  Publishing as an eBook will also allow me to greatly expand our Gallery section to include many more inspiring works by artists from several countries.

    Choosing the artists for the new edition of Embracing Encaustic was challenging job, but in the end I selected 70+ pieces from over 150 artists who submitted work.  … I plan to have the eBook out before the end of the year, but hopefully much sooner. Check the Embracing Encaustic web page for updates on the progress or join our mailing list on the same page for email updates and the official announcement when the book goes live.”

    “Iterations: #821.”
    Encaustic and Oil Stick on Cradled Panel.
    36″ x 36″ 2″ 2012

New Work: 100 Thoughts

sauce_chalksWhat started out as a journal exercise of a few hours turned into a 3 week project exploring color and texture, and  thinking about reflections from surfaces and thoughts. View the series for  “100 Thoughts” on Flickr.

encaustics_paper_set2The reflections off water, glass, marble, and other transparent, translucent or glossy surfaces have always intrigued me. The image that is reflected is often distorted, ambiguous, hazy, blurry, and edited by the shape of the surface. Sometimes, much like our thoughts. Situations and encounters can occasionally leave our thoughts bouncing around like light off a surface: uncertain, out of focus, out of context, or clear but truncated.


“100 Thoughts” is a  set of small images that correspond to thoughts that were generated by the act of mark making with encaustic paint on paper. Although some of the images began with an idea, most were “named” after the image was completed. When the actions of the mark making were done, the thought regarding the image crystallized. Titles were kept short to correspond with the small image size, and a specific idea.

All pieces in the set are encaustic with oil bar on Fabriano Artistico paper. The paper is 5 1/2 ” x 6″  (14 cm x 15 cm), images are about 4″ x 4″ (10 cm x 10 cm). Edges were taped, creating a restricted painting/reflection area. Not unlike a print edition, the edges and backs of the paper were kept as clean as possible. Images that were inconsistent with the established theme were removed from the set. Out of an original 116, only 100 were selected for the completed set. The others were added to the original journal entry.

100_thoughts_allSome titles from the  “100 Thoughts” series:

Answer II
Berries I
Blaze II
Blueberry Kiss II
Creamsicle Sky I
Fever I
Frosting II
Fury I
Glow I
Inner Glow II
Jam I
Jumble Ice I
Last Remark I
Mindful II
Night Mood II
Odd Moment II
Promise I
Rhubarb Vortex I
Startle I
Stormy Light II
Sweetness I
Thinking I
Transpired I
Undecided II
Whispers I

[ No music in the studio today. Only the snoring of 2 cats and a dog, and the soft sounds of heat on metal – the encaustic paints being warmed on the metal palette.]