“Instances,” A New 2016 Series

In January, 2016 I started a new series, “Instances.” My goal is to create a body of work based on fleeting moments, glimpses of experiences. The initial project was to complete 20 encaustic images, 18″x18″ on 22″x30 Fabriano Artistico. This was accomplished at the end of May.

After my 3rd piece in the series, I wrote an artist statement, to keep on track.

Instances Series                                            1-20-16

Instances, the first works of 2016 are based on using essential visual language to reveal visceral reactions to daily encounters.

Encounters may selectively hit a nerve, or work in combination to provoke a response: verbal, physical, emotional, or intellectual instances translated to visual mass, velocity, color and texture. They may be those we choose, or moments that happen to us.

 “These pieces are color and texture explosions-energy captured in containers of rectilinear form.”

  “I’m intentionally not trying for the perfect calligraphic mark. Instead, blunt, ungracious blasts of paint off rough bristle brushes move over the surface on their own trajectories, for their own purposes.”

These reductive, primal expressions represent the essence of what is left from an encounter once the knowable is stripped away. By removing recognizable elements, what remains are responsive, experiential marks. The enigmatic feeling of an encounter made visual.

The images are in sequence by season/month for the first part of the year, starting with the winter images at the bottom. You will see the color palette change from cool wintry colors, to warmer spring colors. (Click on images for titles, and slide show.) 10 of the 20 images are shown here.