Studio Time: 2009 Materials and Tools

Jumble Ice II

100 Thoughts Series: Jumble Ice II

I often wonder where other artists working with encaustics get their supplies. Some materials and tools are  easy to find, some hard, and some ingeniously come from unusual sources such as the kitchen, garage, or thrift stores. Looking over my acquisitions for 2009 revealed this  list of  frequently used sources.

Encaustic Painting Related:



Thank you everyone for your great tools, paints, materials, and caring support! (Disclaimer:  I do not get anything from these companies for listing them here. They have been excellent resources for me. Your mileage may vary.)

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New Work: 100 Thoughts

sauce_chalksWhat started out as a journal exercise of a few hours turned into a 3 week project exploring color and texture, and  thinking about reflections from surfaces and thoughts. View the series for  “100 Thoughts” on Flickr.

encaustics_paper_set2The reflections off water, glass, marble, and other transparent, translucent or glossy surfaces have always intrigued me. The image that is reflected is often distorted, ambiguous, hazy, blurry, and edited by the shape of the surface. Sometimes, much like our thoughts. Situations and encounters can occasionally leave our thoughts bouncing around like light off a surface: uncertain, out of focus, out of context, or clear but truncated.


“100 Thoughts” is a  set of small images that correspond to thoughts that were generated by the act of mark making with encaustic paint on paper. Although some of the images began with an idea, most were “named” after the image was completed. When the actions of the mark making were done, the thought regarding the image crystallized. Titles were kept short to correspond with the small image size, and a specific idea.

All pieces in the set are encaustic with oil bar on Fabriano Artistico paper. The paper is 5 1/2 ” x 6″  (14 cm x 15 cm), images are about 4″ x 4″ (10 cm x 10 cm). Edges were taped, creating a restricted painting/reflection area. Not unlike a print edition, the edges and backs of the paper were kept as clean as possible. Images that were inconsistent with the established theme were removed from the set. Out of an original 116, only 100 were selected for the completed set. The others were added to the original journal entry.

100_thoughts_allSome titles from the  “100 Thoughts” series:

Answer II
Berries I
Blaze II
Blueberry Kiss II
Creamsicle Sky I
Fever I
Frosting II
Fury I
Glow I
Inner Glow II
Jam I
Jumble Ice I
Last Remark I
Mindful II
Night Mood II
Odd Moment II
Promise I
Rhubarb Vortex I
Startle I
Stormy Light II
Sweetness I
Thinking I
Transpired I
Undecided II
Whispers I

[ No music in the studio today. Only the snoring of 2 cats and a dog, and the soft sounds of heat on metal – the encaustic paints being warmed on the metal palette.]

Online: SB’s Flickr Photostream

At long last I’ve joined the Flickr network.
Take a look at the Encaustic Painting Photostream .

Flickr Slideshow for the Encaustic Painting. Really looks nice full screen  in the browser.


Look for the photostream icon:


[Music in the studio: Jim Brickman Greatest Hits CD.  Youtube: Jim Brickman performing “Never Alone” featuring Hillary Scott and Lady Antebellum, The Gift (anime video), An Evening with Jim Brickman.]

Working Methods: Encaustic Painting

Along with visiting artist’s studios, I like to watch them work.  I’ve been able to see artists working in special graduate school seminars, community art museum workshops, in their studios, outdoors, and while in residencies, such as the Vermont Studio Center.

Another way is to view demonstrations online either through still photography or videos. Linked below are two YouTube videos and an image from the Web site of artist Betsy Eby.

A speeded-up video that illustrates the sculptural painting process of artist, Laura Moriarty, from start to finish.”

Shawna Moore: Encaustic Painter”

Betsy Eby working on a large piece in her west coast studio:


For more artists working,  search for “artist painting OR working OR printmaking” on  Google Images or  Flikr.

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