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Online : Readings and Inspiration 8-24-2011

Like many, I use the Internet for information gathering, sourcing, and inspiration. I read news articles, find new art blogs, follow leads, and look at a lot of images. Here is a short list of what crossed my monitor this week.

Today my searches for information have centered around how to find support to sustain being an artist. This may take the form of grants and residencies, or advice on how to work with a gallery. Below are some of the most interesting sources I found this past week.


  • Alliance of Artists Communities
    Google Search Page Clip

    Even Google can help you if you have the time and endurance!

    “The Alliance of Artists Communities is a national and international association of artists’ communities and residencies — a diverse field of more than 1,000 programs worldwide that support artists of any discipline in the development of new creative work”

  • Res Artis
    “We are an association of over 300 centers and organizations in over 50 countries. Our members are dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people a time and place away from their every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.”
  • Creative Capital
    “Creative Capital is a national nonprofit organization that provides integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing adventurous projects in all disciplines. Our pioneering approach combines funding, counsel and career development services to enable a project’s success and foster sustainable practices for our grantees.”
  • CAA Opportunities (College Art Association). Nice long list.

What are your strategies for finding the best venues, competitions, and related artist opportunities? Post your ideas in a comment!

Online: Readings and Inspiration 8-17-2011

Like many, I use the Internet for information gathering, sourcing, and inspiration. I read news articles, find new art blogs, follow leads, and look at a lot of images. Here is a short list of what crossed my monitor this week.


Art Resources

Have a favorite web site, blog, video, or resource? Post it in a comment!

Online: Readings & Inspiration

Like many, I use the Internet for information gathering, resourcing, and inspiration. I read news articles, find new art blogs, follow leads, and look at a lot of images. Here is a short list of what crossed my monitor this week.

Art Resources

Encaustic Conference Postcard

  • The Fifth International Encaustic Conference. June3-5, post conference worshops June 6-10
  • Encaustic Art Institute. “We are proud to introduce the Encaustic Art Institute, a permanent gallery for all encaustic artists. Established as a non-profit 501©, we rely solely on membership fees, donations and grants. 100% of every sale of artwork goes to the artist. The Purposes of the Institute are:To exhibit the work of member encaustic artists;To promote public awareness and understanding of the encaustic medium;To offer space and programs for professional encaustic artists to exchange information about encaustic and techniques for working with wax;To offer educational workshops for people of all ages interested in learning how to create art with encaustic.”
  • Encaustic Camp 2011 “EncaustiCamp is more than an opportunity to experience a new medium. It is more than spending time in a creative environment with spirits like yourself. It is more than beeswax and heat! EncaustiCamp is going beyond the 10-4 workshop retreat to experience connection, inspiration and growth that will take you not only back to the studio but also to every aspect of your life! And, to eat s’mores again!”
  • The Arts Map: Connecting the Arts, Artists and the Community. “Originally created to help the public find artists’ studios, The Arts Map, with listings in 84 countries, has evolved into a global geographic interface providing access to artists, galleries, museums, public art, arts organizations, art schools, art services & supplies, and more”
  • The Arts Map

    Arts Map Example Screenshot



  • Vitra Design Museum. Although originally deisigned to showcase the history of the Vitra company, “…today, the Vitra Design Museum is internationally active as a cultural institution that has made a major contribution to the research and popular dissemination of design.” Visit the “Hidden Heroes” interactive online exhibit. (This is a Flash interactive site. Be patient.)
  • The Art of the Business Model. Follow the link for the SlideShare document of the speech given recently at the Arts Enterprise Summit in Kansas City.
  • TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” Take a look at the topics under the “Creative Spark” theme.
  • KickStarter: A New Way to Fund and Follow Creativity.
  • Eyebeam, based in New York City, is the leading art and technology center in the USA. Eyebeam provides a fertile context and state-of-the-art tools for digital research and experimentation. It is a lively incubator of creativity and thought, where resident artists and technologists actively engage with culture in addressing the issues and concerns of our time.

Find something interesting? Post it in the comments.

Online: Blog Monetization

Iris I

Iris I on Flickr

Recently I received an email from another artist with this inquiry: “I had a question … how does one make money from a blog?” An easy question to pose, a complicated one to answer. Here is a quick look at a few ideas.

A blog can be used for multiple purposes, monetization (making money) being one of them:

  • Marketing: extends branding into new readership areas, and directs traffic to related sources.
  • Information: provides unique information, or additional useful information that supports a web site, newsletter, forum, web site, or social network sites (Example: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, and Delicious).
  • Relationship building: provides a service or information that followers can use and/or interact with (comments, newsletters, guest writer opportunities, or membership site subscription. Example: Google Friend Connect or Ning).
  • Monetization: provide various means to create money streams through direct and indirect means.

Making money from your blog may take several forms.  Sales are generally generated either directly or indirectly. Direct sales are from your blog, by you, with your products and services. Indirect sales are created by referrals by way of other web technologies such as ad networks, or referred links to an online shopping cart, or your gallery website. Examples:

Direct: Sales of products or services sold from your blog

  • Products such as paintings, prints, drawings, or materials/tools relating to the creation of works of art
  • Secondary products based on your work such as calendars, t-shirts, or cards (Example: Zazzle)
  • Class sign up and payment page
  • Subscription class/lecture PDFs for fee
  • Webinars or online course (Example:
  • Video tutorials, web discussions, chats, or podcasts/vidcasts
  • Digital Ebooks (your work or thoughts)
  • Subscription blog articles
  • Self published books (Example:  Lulu or Blurb)

Indirect: Referral information and links to related sources online

  • Links to another website, e-cart, or gallery site that sells or supports your products or services
  • Advertising using an ad network (Example:  AdSense, Chitika, Amazon Associates)
  • Private ad sales (arrange with vendors you regularly do business with)

Think about what you want to do with your blog and optimize for your specific goals. Take a look at other artist blogs to see what they are doing, and choose the strategies that make sense to you.  Once you have your solutions in place, don’t forget to revisit them on a regular basis to make sure you are still getting the results you want. Save money by using free tools (Example:  WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook). As with anything else, it takes time to develop a strategy and carefully implement it.




[No, I do not make money from any entry on this page. These are just my thoughts on this topic.]