Teaching: Encaustic Classes 2012, January-April

Time to sign up for my encaustic classes!! Classes will start soon, and always fill up fast. So, sign up early. Check back for classes with a TBA Date/Time designation, or call/email the venue listed for more information. Looking forward to seeing you!

St. Charles County Arts Council
Lillian Yahn Gallery
7443 Village Center Drive
O’Fallon, MO 63368
Call: 636-332-9721

  • Encaustic: Basic Techniques
    Tuesday, January 24, 6-8pm
    Have you always wanted to learn about encaustic painting? Learn about this beautiful, lustrous, versatile medium in the Encaustic: Basic Techniques class. We will take a look at the history of encaustic, review contemporary artists, learn about equipment and material safety,  and studio set up.  We will explore basic painting and mark making techniques in this 2 hour class taught by encaustic artist Lisa Sisley-Blinn. Take home an 8″ x 8″ encaustic painting made in class. Sign up early, class is limited to 6. Class is limited to 4 students. Age 18+. $50/student.

St. Louis Artists Guild
St. Louis, MO.
Two Oak Knoll Park
Clayton, MO 63105
Gallery: 314-727-6266

  • Introduction to Encaustic
    Saturdays, March 24 – May 12. 10am-12:30pm (8 classes)
    This 8-week class will focus on exploring current encaustic methods and materials. After a brief history and survey of artists currently working in the medium, we will explore studio safety, tools and materials, supports, heat sources, encaustic paints and medium, mark making, transfers, direct and indirect drawing, embedding, collage and mixed media techniques. This class is well suited for both beginner and intermediate level students. (Even if you have some encaustic experience, I highly recommend this class. I cover a lot of information.) 18 years+.
  • Encaustic Open Studio
    Saturdays, March 24 – May 12. 1:30pm-4pm (8 classes)
    No place to work? Need inspiration or company? Bring your projects to the Encaustic Open Studio class where you will find hot plates, heat guns, hot wax tools, various texture tools, transfer imagery and collage “stuff” to complete your idea, or jump-start you onto a new path.  Demos, tricks and tips, along with cheerful guidance are waiting. Sign up soon, as space is limited to 8 students. (This is not an introductory class, experience with encaustic is required.) 18 years+.

2355 S. Hanley Road
St. Louis, MO. 63144
Call 314.781.9999

  • Encaustic+ Collage (1 Class)
    Saturday, February 18, 2:30-5pm
    Learn essential techniques to incorporate collage materials with encaustic paint. Encaustic artist Lisa Sisley-Blinn will show you how to embed and encapsulate collage materials, how to set up a safe work area, and demo basic encaustic painting techniques. Take home a completed painting on premium Encausticbord. 18 years+. Limit 6.
  • Encaustic+ Transfer (1 Class)
    Tuesday, March 13, 5pm-7:30pm (1 Class.)
    Encaustic artist Lisa Sisley-Blinn will teach you how to transfer laser based images into your encaustic painting surface, overwork with additional painting and scraping techniques, and talk about the basics of how to set up a safe work area. Take home a completed painting on premium Encausticbord. 18 years+. Limit 6.
  • Encaustic+:  4 Week Intensive
    April (4 Classes. Dates/Times TBA)
    Have you always wanted to learn about encaustic painting? Come to the “Encaustic+ 4 Week Intensive” to learn about this luscious, beautiful, versatile medium. It will cover safety and studio set up, transfer, drawing methods, collage and texture creation. Everything you need to know to get started. Taught by encaustic artist Lisa Sisley-Blinn. 2  1/2 hour class. 18 years+.

    • Week 1: Encaustic + Basic Techniques
      In the first class we will briefly take a look at the history of encaustic, review contemporary artists, learn about equipment and material safety,  and studio set up.  We will complete our first painting using layering and fusing techniques.
    • Week 2: Encaustic + Transfer, Direct and Indirect Drawing
      Encaustic is a very versatile medium. In addition to painting techniques, encaustic can be used with most drawing materials either directly on the surface, or by means of transferring the image from another surface.  Special focus will be on the use of oil paint sticks to create intaglio-like surface drawings and texture. We will complete our second painting using a water-based transfer method , as well as using drawing tools common to your home or studio.
    • Week 3: Encaustic + Collage: Embedding and Encasing
      The encaustic medium can be used to create beautiful collages with both flat and low relief materials through the use of embedding and encasing techniques. Our third painting in this series will focus on using encaustic to create a collage, layered with drawing and painting to create a finished piece
    • Week 4: Encaustic + Texture and Low Relief
      In our last class for this series, learn how to create texture using both common and surprise tools and materials. You will also learn how to create low relief patterns and shapes that can be built up quickly and easily. Complete your fourth painting

Studio Encaustic Intensive (1 class, 6 hours)

Jumble Ice II

Jumble Ice II

Request individual or group classes that meet in my personal studio. Contact me at sisley-blinn@gmail.com
O’Fallon, MO. 63368

Experience the tactile, versatile nature of encaustic painting in a private studio setting with a one or two-day workshop. Workshops can be scheduled for individuals or small groups up to 4 students. Skill level can be tailored to your needs, current projects, or interests.

Learn about studio safety, materials, tools and techniques. Receive handouts on safety, contemporary artists using the medium, professional groups, resources, recipes for encaustic medium and more. Some of the topics covered include: working safely, preparing a substrate (paper, panel, braced panel), making paint and mixing colors, hot/cool techniques, digital image transfer, collage and embedding, incising, and use of a heat gun and torch. Many materials included: encaustic medium, beeswax, encaustic paint, and oil stick.

One-day class is 6 hours, 10am-4pm with a break for lunch. Two-day class is 4 hours each day, 10am-2pm. Come take a class: laugh, learn and take completed work home with you! Limit 4. 18 years+

One Day Session, Six hours
$150.00 for one person
$125.00 for each person, up to 4 students

Studio Encaustic Intensive Class Calendar for 2012:

January 28, 10am-4pm, Saturday.
February 25, 10am-4pm, Saturday.
March 17, 10am-4pm, Saturday.
May 26, 10am-4pm, Saturday.

Contact me at sisley-blinn@gmail.com
O’Fallon, MO. 63368 (About 45 min. from the Arch.)