Encaustic Demo at Artmart: R&F Encaustic Paints and Oil Bars

"100 Thoughts: Flury"

R&F encaustic paints and oil bars have come to St. Louis, and can be found at ArtMart! I will be giving a hands-on demonstration at ArtMart on March 12, 12 noon – 3pm (ArtMart Calendar). Look for me at the front of the store. After the demonstration I will be answering questions, and making product recommendations. (Participants must be 18 and over to participate).
R&F Encaustic Painting Center

R&F Encaustic Painting Center

Encaustic Demo: Saturday, March 12, 12 noon-3pm
2355 S. Hanley Rd. • St. Louis, MO 63144 • 314.781.9999: driving directions

During the demonstration I will be highlighting:

  • Brief history of encaustic painting and R&F Handmade Paints
  • Painting techniques (creating texture, copier transfers, and embedding) with R&F encaustic paints and oil bars
  • Ampersand Encausticbord (prepared painting boards, and cradled bases)
  • Equipment (heat guns, painting tools, hot palette)
  • General safety

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Rondo Weave: Lavender Blue. 24" x 24"

3 thoughts on “Encaustic Demo at Artmart: R&F Encaustic Paints and Oil Bars

  1. Wonderful comment from Dina at ArtMart, St. Louis, regarding my R&F demo at her store:

    “Secondly, I want to thank you for sending Lisa to us. She went far above and beyond our expectations for a visiting artist. Her extreme knowledge and ability to show off the beauty of encaustic painting was amazing! Customers were so pleased and excited to have been given such a demo. I personally asked many of the customers … how they felt about the demo and EVERY one of their responses were “amazing, wonderful, I am so excited to get working…” .

    Lisa’s vast experience with the product is so evident when she is demoing the product that you can’t help but get excited. She taught customers interesting techniques and hints that they simply could not get without an experienced artist showing first-hand. Her relaxed style and patience with customers who are just getting started, to the more advanced, was evident as she was working with each person’s individual needs and questions.”

    Thank you Dina!!!

  2. Great work. It must be thrilling to see your art made live. I love the textures i’m seeing in your art, particularly on ‘100 Thoughts Series: Jumble Ice II ‘

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