Encaustic Demo at Artmart: Enkaustikos Hot Cakes

EncausticsI will be highlighting the incredible art of encaustic painting, showcasing Hot Cakes® encaustic paints by Enkaustikos. Stop by and give it a try for yourself (participants must be 18 and over to participate).

Encaustic Demo: Saturday, October 16th, 12 noon-3pm
2355 S. Hanley Rd. • St. Louis, MO 63144 • 314.781.9999: driving directions

  • Substrates: paper, masonite panel, braced/cradled boards
  • Encaustic wax medium, Hot Cakes® encaustic paints, and Slick Wax
  • Creating texture, copier transfers, and embedding
  • Using a heat gun to “set” your image

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Hot Cake Color Pans

Enkaustikos Hot Cakes

One thought on “Encaustic Demo at Artmart: Enkaustikos Hot Cakes

  1. Wonderful email demo comment from Dina Right, ArtMart representative:

    Good morning! I wanted to let you know that the last demo you did was a great success. People have come in for weeks referring to the techniques you had provided and wanting more information! Your demo was a thorough overview of the encaustic process and your knowledge was deep enough to answer any and all questions thrown at you. We took your advice and now carry the books you recommended, thanks for that information. We look forward to having you come in again, your expertise and creativity was exciting to all who attended.

    Dina Right

    Thank you Dina!!

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