Studio Time: 2009 Materials and Tools

Jumble Ice II

100 Thoughts Series: Jumble Ice II

I often wonder where other artists working with encaustics get their supplies. Some materials and tools are  easy to find, some hard, and some ingeniously come from unusual sources such as the kitchen, garage, or thrift stores. Looking over my acquisitions for 2009 revealed this  list of  frequently used sources.

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Thank you everyone for your great tools, paints, materials, and caring support! (Disclaimer:  I do not get anything from these companies for listing them here. They have been excellent resources for me. Your mileage may vary.)

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2 thoughts on “Studio Time: 2009 Materials and Tools

  1. I wasn’t able to find the slip top cans on the Graphic Chemical and Ink site– are they sold empty? Thanks for the very helpful list!

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