In the Studio: Color Decision with Online Tools

I used Adobe’s Kuler, online color palette tool, to  development the color relationships used in  “Rondo Weave: African Violet.” Here is a short version of the steps I used:

1. Experiment with color themes until you are satisfied with a swatch palette that represents your idea. (See post Online: Adobe Kuler Color Tool Rescue.)

Meditation IV: (105 color themes and counting!)


2. Choose similar color chips (I stockpile paint chips from various paint stores.) to use in your work area as reference, pick corresponding encaustic base colors that you already have, mix new colors if you need to.


3. Start working …


4. Finished!



Although the final image is different than my original idea, doing the color analysis up front helped me avoid problem colors. Take a look at Kuler and enjoy digital color mixing.