Online: Adobe Kuler Color Tool Rescue


Sometimes it is hard to either think clearly about a new color scheme, how to complete or extend an existing one, or troubleshoot a problem color. A tool that I love is Adobe’s Kuler. It is a free online color-chip style generator, and there are thousands of color groupings, called themes, that have been made by others that you can search by keyword. There is a short AdobeTV overview video.

I  made too much of a semi-translucent green that reminded me of Lava Soap. Kind of a medium-minty color. Well, a little is fine, but I have way too much. So, turning to Kuler, I searched for “mint” as the tag and found many color options to work with my new treasure. Out of 650 results returned, some of my favorite combinations were: “watermelon mint,”  “coral mint,”  and “a passing feeling.” “Watermelon mint” is shown here.


You can create color groupings called themes based on analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound, shades, and custom. It is possible to make themes from pictures found online or uploaded from your computer, or variations on existing themes made by others. Save your favorites, and import colors into some current software tools.


In a short time, I came up with three combinations that could help me work with my Lava Soap encaustic color supply: “Iris I Detail II,” “Theme 3,” and “Theme 4.” Combinations are limited only by your imagination and time. (Possibly snacks and a beverage.)


I have over 100 color themes,  including “Encaustic Bliss.” Look for “lisa.”


(No Lava soap green here!)

[Studio YouTube music-a 70’s Flashback: Harry Chapin: Cats in the Cradle; Cat Stevens: Father and Son, Moonshadow, Peace Train, Oh Very Young, Sad Lisa Jim Croce:  I Got a Name, These Dreams; Gordon Lightfoot – If You Could Read My Mind, Dave Loggins: Please Come to Boston.]

3 thoughts on “Online: Adobe Kuler Color Tool Rescue

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I love this tool. It is intuitive and colors radiate lusciously off the computer monitor.

    Took a look at your web site. Especially liked the Still Life paintings. The Tomato painting are my favorites.

  2. Lisa,
    Thanks so much for the color tips. Great resource! I’ve been posting my paintings to my blog but have not thought to take photos of my studio, the wax heating in the pans, etc. Your blog is very inspiring, thanks!

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