Online: Encaustic Paintings eBook made with MyeBook

I made my first ebook online with MyeBook. Select the number of pages you want, upload your content. Choose from pre-made bookcovers, page backgrounds, and images. Crete a multi-media experience by adding Flash, audio and video clips.



Take a look and experience the smooth page turns of this online ebook: Encaustic Paintings 2009. Selections from the “Meditation” and “Rhondo Weave” series.  Zoom in to see each page, click-and-drag to turn the page, or advance pages using the arrow bar in the lower left corner. Leave me a comment here (click on the “comments” link at the end of this post) , or a message at the ebook site.

Collect your images, text and design ideas and make an ebook of your work.

*Update: On 1-6-10, I received a status notification saying my ebook has been viewed 95,000 times. Not bad!

4 thoughts on “Online: Encaustic Paintings eBook made with MyeBook

  1. That is really cool! I will try to create one, but I have to have something to put in it. Maybe my poetry or musings?
    I’ll think about it. Yours is so nice.

    • Thank you for taking a look. It is a useful tool, but it does take some patience to get started. If you are trying for a finished piece right away, have your content gathered together in it’s own folder, and have a few book-layout ideas. Think about margins, how many pages, and the continuity of the layout between pages.

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