Inspiration: Unexpected Subject

For inspiration I often revisit previous ideas.  The following image collage came from a trip with 2 girlfriends to an Amish country bed-and-breakfast in the late fall.  Although the company and the lodgings were comfortable and restorative, the weather was cold, overcast and bleak.

birdbathI took many photographs of the surrounding rolling hills, farm equipment, pine rockers on the sprawling porch, as well as small details including a birdbath that was chipped, stained and discarded behind the barn. Layers of sediment, decaying leaves and bits of bark created an interesting patina at the bottom.

Long after the trip was over I looked again at these photos when asked by my friends for copies to document our trip together. The picture that fascinated me the most was that of the birdbath. Thinking about my feelings of being with my friends and having the daily chores of life lifted gave me a new perspective into the image.

By enhancing colors, textures and light, and adding bits of photographs I took from other outings I evolved an image that better represented the experience for me. I found that the rudimentary documentation of the birdbath  served as inspiration for deeper contemplation.


“Wordless does the mind search.”

Although this image is part of an older journaling project, I see similar thoughts regarding color, texture and light being manifested in current work, such as the New “Rondo Weave” Series.


“Rondo Weave: Thyme”

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