Online: Fantasy Museum Experience

Iris I

Longing to get into a museum? Now you can get the thrill and adoration without the angst or wait.   View your work in a museum-like atmosphere, larger than life with adoring patrons! Just a few quick clicks with this online tool: Museumr.

Here is a lovely picture of my 24″ x 24′” encaustic “Iris I” stretched to a grand scale on a beautiful blue-gray museum gallery wall. Looks like I’m going to need to invest in much bigger brushes and raise my own bees for wax to match this size! Hope there is a workshop for that.


You can also turn your art into a Rubik’s Cube, jigsaw, lego-ize it or turn it to goo (not that some of us haven’t already seen that at least once).  A quick, silly online tool at Museumr.

” Have you ever dreamt of your own exhibition in an art museum? The Museum of Modern Art, or a private display at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart Art Museum? Now you can have your photos displayed in halls all around the world — eternal fame is just a click away. Pick a photo and place it in a museum art.”

Even though this is a virtual experience, seeing a piece scaled to a large format was worth the time for me. Take a break from the hot plate. Have fun.