Online: Encaustic Slides on Slideshare

Do you have a Power Point/Keynote slide show to share? Did you miss one that you still may want to see? Then take a look at There are many good slide shows here on a variety of subjects. And, it may be a place to host your presentation so that others can see it in the future.

These are a few that caught my interest:

Mourning the Bees
– 24 slides, 2008

Waxy Buildup
– 22 slides, 2007

Daniella Woolf: Encaustic Stripes
– 7 slides, 2007

Modern Art
– 21 slides, 2009

Even if you don’ give a public talk, you could still post a slide show here and have it link back to your web site or blog. Another online tool and networking opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Online: Encaustic Slides on Slideshare

  1. Lisa, this is great info–i am just finishing a power point about my work and a recent residency I had in Spain, and was wondering if there was some way to share it beyond presenting it in person. Thanks!!

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