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I am always curious as to what online tools artists are using to promote their work. They include sites like  Y!Groups, as well as the popular social networks like Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.  And, there are new online tools coming out every day to leverage these sites. There are a few noted on my blog under the Art/Technology link.  I’m making a collection of these useful tools, so please send me a list of your favorites  in the comments section for this post.

My favorite for today is Vuvox: Collage, a mash-up tool for making a collage banner (sorry, no video or sound, just pictures from the studio and yard – although, if you have it, you can add multimedia).  You can click the play arrow and it will side scroll, or you can move the scrubber/slider left and right to go to any section.

Vuvox LSB Banner

The pictures may be redundant if you’ve recently visited the blog,  but here they are in a new context, re-authored/re-imagined. Take a look at the Sisley-Blinn Artist/Painter collage banner at the Vuvox site, if you cannot see the presentation below, or you want to see the full panorama look.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Studio music: YouTube -Josh Cobia, “How Many Times,”  MySpace for Josh Cobia.]

5 thoughts on “Online: Vuvox MashUps

  1. That looks like a fantastic tool, Lisa. I’m signing up with Vuvox Collage. I use Facebook and Flickr, along with various yahoo groups and networking sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo. Not sure yet if any of them will help in sales of my work but the world is becoming smaller every day.

    As things slow down after my move, I look forward to learning more about some of these tools.

    • Cheryl,

      The professional results are wonderful with the Vuvox tool. There are some intro movies at the site that get you started. Adding the finished collage to a regular HTML web site is pretty straight forward. There are many good examples made by others to look at. A site online that uses it as the heading image on the main page is:

      With the free online WordPress account you have to use another online tool to help embed the code – Vodpod (think video podcast list), Not too hard, just another step. An additional benefit to Vodpod is that you can add a strip of video’s to other online accounts (see one on my blog as you scroll down the right column.)

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