Studio Time: Analog and Digital Thinking

I  finished a  small 12″ x 12″ piece with a bluish-green background. All the previous pieces in this series have natural beeswax colored backgrounds. Today I wanted to try more color, but was hesitant to commit materials to a version that might end up being scraped back to the canvas! As it turned out, I was pleased with the colors, and will do a larger version. Here is a detail of the left corner: “Spring Iris Rain,” encaustic on canvas wrapped braced board with oil bar and metal leaf.

Spring Iris Rain

When I made a quick scan of it for my records I noticed that it had color-shifted to plum. While trying to adjust the color in Photoshop I was reminded that sometimes a digital tool can help us make analog decisions.

While adjusting the hue/saturation settings in Photoshop, I found several other color versions that I really liked. No waisted paint trying to figure out color relationships! I may try several of these variations. Remember – digital is not paint. Don’t try to duplicate the computer or you will be miserable. Let it be a guide, not a dictator. This is a tool like any other.

Spring Iris Rain - Color Versions

Looks like Spring is coming.

I’m using an old Photoshop 7 program, but you could do similar color adjustments with Photoshop Elements, or the free version of G.I.M.P. This is a broad color adjustment. For finer adjustments you may want to use other tools within a program.

(Studio music:  K. D. Lang, Alison Krauss, and SugarLand.)