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YouTube Encastic Demos in Embedr WidgetNew online tool for art and technology: Embedr

For those that are just beginning to use encaustic paints, I have found the how-to videos by Enkaustikos‘  Kathryn Bevier and David Hoffend to be good viewing. The videos are informative, show good artistic technique, and are sincerely made to help you.

Instead of embedding each of the 9 YouTube videos in this entry, or just listing the URL/web addresses, I am trying out  a new online tool for embedding videos from Embedr.

You can view the playlist on the  Embedr site. Each video will play in turn. Or, you can choose a video by scrolling through the picture list at the bottom of the video.

One big advantage of using this online tool over others, is that you can add videos from multiple sites into your list. So far, the compatibility list includes: Atom Films, Blip.TV, College Humor, Dailymotion, Metacafe, TeacherTube, MySpace Video, Veoh, Vimeo, and YouTube (as of 3-1-09 as listed from their compatibility page).

As noted in this recent TechCrunch article,  Embedr Lets you Create And Share Good-Looking Video Playlists:

“Embedr is a relatively new free service that lets you build custom video playlists from a variety of online clip sources and gives you the opportunity to aggregate the entire playlist into a good-looking widget which you can easily share on your blog or website.”

*You will have to create an account before making your lists, but not to view already created playlists. Currently, this is a free service recently out of beta.

One thought on “Online: Encaustic How-To Playlist via Embedr

  1. From my YouTube inbox:

    “Hello Lisa,
    We appreciate your positive feedback! Kathryn and David both enjoy doing the demonstrations for Youtube and we are hoping that by creating these videos, more artists are learning about encaustic. Therefore, it is always nice to hear input from viewers! I have shared your email with Kathryn & David, so on behalf of all of us, thank you for taking the time to write us with your feedback.

    We also truly appreciate you talking about Enkaustikos on your blog! That was very kind of you and that widget you found, really does come in handy. I checked out the playlist you created and the widget itself looks great. I also gave the link to your blog to both Kathryn and David, who were also excited to see your post as well. Thank you again for mentioning our artists and our store.

    I hope you continue to work in encaustic and remember to check back on our youtube page to see if we’ve posted any new demos!

    Jennifer Lesczinski
    Communication Specialist
    Enkaustikos! Wax Art Supplies
    Rochester Art Supply”

    Thank you Jennifer!

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