Studio Time: Adding to an Existing Series Cont.

Continuing the post from yesterday, my reverse-engineering continues. As it turned out I missed a critical step:   soften the color layers with a creamy transparent glaze.



Halleluja, I figured it out. After 2 days of testing, painting, scraping back, burning in, drawing and applying oil bar, I have a finished piece.



Tulips I - Encaustic with Oil Bar. 12" x 12"

The color shapes remind me of petals moving in a soft breeze.  (The photo lighting is a little darker than the previous post. But you get the idea.)

(Studio music of the day continues with Leonard Cohen: Netflix DVD: Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man; varius artists pay hommage to Cohen’s music and life with documentary footage. Cohen songs on YouTube:  Halleluja by Cohen, Halleluja by Rufus Wainright, Halleluja by Jeff Buckley.)