Studio Time: Adding to an Existing Series

"Jeweled Lilly Lights"I like to work in series. Often it takes a series to work out all the idea variations I have for a concept.

Today my focus is to fill out a series that was almost  sold out. There is only one remaining image: “Jeweled Lilly Lights,” encaustic with oil bar and metal leaf, 18″ x 18″, canvas on braced board. Here it is shown hanging over my work table so I can look at it while I work on new pieces.

stuio-jeweledlillylights_de1 I have to reverse-engineer what I did, and why that worked. Looking at the close up reveals 4 distinct levels of work over the encaustic medium base: 1. brush/petal shapes of overlapping  color with a layer of medium, 2. scratches and marking with oil bar sealed with a layer of medium, 3. masking off, texturizing and application of oil bar, 4. and the addition of randomized caligraphic and edge defining marks reinforced with additional oil bar color.

lillies_summer08Since I did not take notes from the original series, I am starting conservatively on two 12″ x 12″ panels, canvas on braced board. The series was originally based on digital photo images I took of flowers from my yard. I am always taken by the glistening glow of sunlight through the  petals. The floral  photos are still on my computer so I’ll print a few off and take them to the work area for reference.

(Studio music of the day: James Taylor-Covers and Leonard Cohen-The Essential. If you don’t know Cohen’s music check out the YouTube videos for Suzanne, Sisters of Mercy, Bird on the Wire, Chelsea Hotel, or Who by Fire. To learn more about Cohen, poet, book writer and musician, Netflix the DVD, “Leonard Cohen: Under Review: 1934-1977.”)

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