Studio Time: Studio Visit

stuio-encausticI love visiting artist studios. The smell of working materials,  sometimes a mess of multiple projects going on at once, work found in various states of completion, and the lighting from numerous sources  gives me a sense of the struggles and successes of the art creation process.

Occasionally I have opened my studio for workshops and sales events. (Through trial and error, instead of calling an open studio for the purpose of making money a salon or studio sale,  I call it a party! More people come, and yes, if it is in the studio, work does sell.)


My studio is about 450 sq. feet.  It is a dedicated space above a three-car garage with north facing windows. It has been said that we bought a studio with a house attached. I have work areas set up for encaustic painting, oil/alkyd painting, screen printing, drawing,  intaglio, and my computer.

My studio is rarely completely tidy,  as there is always something in progress. Available studio walls, as well as the staircase to the studio are used to hang finished work.

stuio-stairs1I am currently exploring encaustic painting. Recent work combines ambiguous environments with personal symbol systems. My imagery is often  based on elements from my local physical environment.

For a look at other studios go to YouTube for studio tours and artist insights, or Flickr for pictures. Today a search for “encaustic studio” on YouTube resulted in an interesting list. Additionally, take a look at artist  Pamela Farrell’s Artblog:  Interactive Studio Blog Project.

Like most artists, I listen to music in the studio. When I run out of CD’s I use Pandora-Internet Radio. (No, they don’t pay me,  I just like the product.)