Inspiration: Clouds and Free Association

Sometimes I randomly surf the Web for inspiring images. Often I start with a word or concept and just see what’s out there. Free association on the word “clouds” led me to think about spills, pools, orbs, fractals, and beads.

An  image search for ideas relating to beads led me to:

Lampwork Beads by Ellen Dooley

Lampwork Beads by Ellen Dooley

There are beautiful lampwork bead pictures on the Web. The luminous rich colors of the layered glass contrasts with dots, spirals and free form marks on the surfaces.  It would be possible to be lured into yet another artisan endeavor!

What is really facinating is the similarities to painting with encaustics. Similarly, layers of color, texture and pattern are floated between layers of medium, with additional  work finishing the top surface.

After harvesting ideas (saving interesting links to my bookmarks as source material) I make original color sketchs based on related design elements. Hopefully, some of these drawings will be worth making into paintings.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration: Clouds and Free Association

  1. I do the same sort of thing when looking for inspiration for designs. I’m looking for mostly colors and shapes and my FAVORITE finds are always glass creations. Lampworked beads are fantastic and I’m always stunned by what beauty can come from such a simple material…glass.

    Coincidentally, I was searching for “oil spills” to research designs for outer space. There are some amazing photos on Flickr. Otherworldly!

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